Demonstrative adjectives

Adjetivos Demostrativos - Demonstrative adjectives


The demonstrative adjectives are those adjectives whose function is to point at something. In English, the singular demonstrative adjectives are "this" and "that," while the plural ones are "these" and "those." (Some grammarians refer to them as demonstrative determiners.)

Unlike English, Spanish has three sets of demonstrative adjectives, which vary by number and gender, so there are 12 in all, as shown in the list below. Translations are included in parentheses.

Singular masculine


este (this)

ese (that)

aquel (that)

Plural masculine


estos (these)

esos (those)

aquellos (those)

Singular feminine


esta (this)

esa (that)

aquella (that)

Plural feminine


estas (these)

esas (those)

aquellas (those)


Note that the masculine singular forms don't end in -o.

The demonstrative adjectives typically are placed before the nouns they modify. They must match the noun in the both number and gender.