Las Vocales / The Vowels

Spanish has five vowel sounds -a, e, i, o, u-, pronounced the same way regardless of their position in a word:

like the a sound in "father", but short: casa, alma


like the e sound in "Let", “Bet”, but short: lee, cena


like the ee sound in "leek", “elite”: mil, millaje


like the aw sound in "lawn", “nose”: son, hoja


like the oo sound in "loom", “tune”: tú, Honduras 

Note: (u is mute in que, qui, gue, gui)


The five vowels are classify in:

  • Fuertes o Abiertas / Strong or Open:

a, o, e Two strong vowels are pronounced as two syllables: po·e·ma has three syllables, ca·os has two.

  • Débiles o Cerradas / Weak or Close: 

i, u  because, in combination with another vowel, are generally pronounced as one syllable: Ruiz, fue, dio, have only one syllable. a·gua or vien·to.

Please find the sounds in the following link: http://rayojohis.com/content/vowels-song

Las Vocales